Monday, February 2, 2009

Whistle and nocks ready

Today is the start of a new adventure for me and I had to shine up my whistle this morning. I am volunteering at the boy's school with the gym unit on archery. A week or so back in a moment of boredom, I approached the Principal about any needs the school may have that I could help solve. Some of you may remember a couple of years back I took my sons and a few other kids to Des Moines for the state archery competition and the boys won their way to nationals! Exciting!! I guess this makes me some kind of an expert and so I am helping by being an extra set of hands for the 4 - 6 grade classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We covered the basics and lots of safety today. I made them all promise not to shoot me, so we are all ready to go now. Wednesday we set up the nets, targets and get the kids shooting. More to come with this fun story.

The weekend seemed to pass too quickly. We had superwarm weather that even surpassed the freezing mark! We must be down to only about 4 more inches of snow to melt in most places, but I see snow blowing around in today's manic winds. The rascally groundhog saw his shadow so we are set for another six weeks until spring. Rats! Too bad the Cardinals couldn't pull it off yesterday, but the game was interesting to watch. Great commercials as always to keep the night interesting. We all looked like a bunch of weirdies with our 3D glasses but the guys dancing was a hoot. We even had a chance to oodle over a friend's new diamond engagement ring and sounds like we need to slot in another wedding this fall. Fun!

Make today something special!


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