Monday, April 12, 2010

A snapshot in time

My apologies for being remiss as of late. All seems to be swirling so quickly right now and sitting down to type a note clearly has not happened. Here are a few snapshots in time from the Thomas Clan:

Notice the new photo of Dalton in his wheels. Do you remember when you could smile like that just sitting in your car with a few friends listening to the radio? Yes sir, no engine running, just the radio. Dalton has an 85 Camry and looks rather innocent in wheels produced almost a decade before he was born. He continues to drive his Mother nuts and we have a good time together.

Did you see Trenton and his special "man bag"? He thought he was so clever putting the little pooch in a bag as if he was a society person. Not!! He is fighting a nasty virus right now with a super sore throat and fever. Hope he is better soon and doesn't share with the rest of us.

A yearly event is wind damage and we had ours last Tuesday evening. Dad and I were chatting on the phone as they had bad weather much of the day and we mentioned with this much rain the evergreens sometimes tip over. Well we were right on track. Trenton and I headed to the basement after the sirens went off and your hair stood up on the back of your neck for a couple of seconds. When we ventured out we noticed a bit of missing siding, some tin bent back on one of the sheds and our pine tree was hugging the maple. Personally I think we should have laws against such things but we were glad it didn't fall on the house. The guys cleaned up the tree on Saturday while I was at work. Looks so different after having the large blue spruce there the entire 16 years we lived here. I am really looking for a full time job as the part time just isn't covering enough to keep it up. My name is in on a few things and hopefully something right will come along soon. Love what I do right now, but need to keep a roof over our heads as well.
Just wanted to share a little violet that is on the West side of the house. Isn't it so lovely? Spring is the best!!