Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The necessity of thanks

Often, we cruise through life meeting each obstacle and then down the road to the next. Not stopping to think why we had the obstacle to begin with. My life is a perfect example of this 40 years of sweet memories, good times, love, marriage, children and some really great coworkers. Oh sure you had your moments of despair, disbelief and shame, but all seemed right with the world, so you just kept going mindlessly. Giddy in the moment.

Three years ago life came to the base of a mountain and the pitch was quite steep. No doubt, all the little puddles that had come my way were preparing me for what was to be, but in my silly-headed manner, just kept plugging. Now I feel the challenge in stepping upward for the last few years. Adjusting to loosing big chunks of love from your life is my mountain. No "little brother" to torment at family gatherings now. The love of my life is no longer suffering, but is unable to help hug the kids and me at the start and end of each day. The career that I worked so hard for so many years is gone. All a piece of the mountain that I am working to scale one step at a time.

Some days it is very tempting to just give up and give in to the challenge. Then out of nowhere appears a sweet note, timely call or laugh from a friend. Encouragement to finish the journey and see where the mountain will take me.

Thank you. The challenge will make me a stronger person and better to serve all I meet along the way. Your thoughts are appreciated and keeping us in your prayers is a huge bonus. You are the reason we will give thanks this year. God bless!

Becky, Dalton and Trenton