Friday, August 21, 2009

You guessed it

Sadly, summer vacation has ended for Dalton and Trenton. We enjoyed a nice dinner out with Pat on Wednesday evening to celebrate the fun we had together. We all chatted about happenings, concerns about returning to school and the crazy weather as of late. The guys both grew so much over the summer. Trenton must be at least three inches taller and took off some of his love handles. Dalton has lost weight and hopefully will not loose any more as he looks a bit lanky.

How did they spend their time? Well, skateboarding, motorbiking, hanging with friends, playing with the dogs and cats, caught a few movies and gaming. Trenton ranks this summer as just a smig behind last year due to all of the wet weather.

Day one and two seemed to go well at school. I had treats waiting for them after their first day and they munched them right up. Praying for a year of positive endings and that they both give school serious attention. Getting back on the schedule is going good so far. No failed alarm clocks or shutting off the snooze. Yeah!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cancer Support

September 12, 2009 is a special day to support awareness of cancer, particularly in regards to children. Recently a friend and a cousin were diagnosed with cancer and it would mean a great deal to me if you would include them in your prayers. My son, Dalton, lost a classmate in the fifth grade to cancer and this would be a way to help ensure other parents don't have to see their child wither away. Needless to say, after the boys and I lost Jeff last summer, cancer is something we would really like to see more research and hopefully a cure. I will send a photo of us in our shirts when they arrive.

Thank you!

Becky, Dalton and Trenton

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Frying Fish

We decided to have a fish fry to celebrate the many summer birthdays in our family. Russ, my brother, is both an avid outdoors man as well as a good grease commander. We all had activities early in the day, so we called for a evening event. Mother Nature certainly held up her end of the bargain with some terrific sun and then a cool dusk. My little goat friend, Delila, helped with setting up the garage for the event. Not sure she understands she is a goat.

Russ started the cooking and it seemed like everyone popped in at just the right time. Mom was in charge of cooking the sweetcorn over a flame and she was super successful. The kids kept themselves entertained with the party horns, water balloons and running around. After eating ourselves to the near misery stage, we enjoyed the fireworks from our town's days. Nice ending to a fun event.