Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring's a mixing

Over the winter I had agreed to help my Sister, Deb (above), with the Spring craft fairs and low and behold today was the first one. As most of you who know me can imagine, I was fiendishly busy last night! Several flower arrangements with tulips, daisies and roses were put together to hopefully grace the houses of those wanting a touch of beauty in their houses. I had discovered these cute Easter baskets that I had been working on and finished putting the glue one those just before midnight.

Good news, I did wake up on time and Trenton helped me load the family truckster and hit the road in respectable time. We picked up our neighbor boy, Spencer, and brought him along so the day wasn't so long for my fellow. I should have known it would be a day to remember when Deb called at about 7:30am to let me know she was running late. I couldn't help but tell her a story that I too had just crawled out and was heading for the shower. Tee hee, she was relieved when I let her know we were only 20 minutes out of Independence. We arrived and set up on a super great weather day. The boys located the activity area and went on their way. Deb arrived with her daughter, Mel, and we got down to business. With a tight econony, we sure had a lot of lookers and even a few buyers.

The day was near the end when Trenton and Spencer came in trying to tell their stories as I was counting back change to a customer. I asked Mel to help the guys out and they all headed out to the lobby. Soon Melanie was back wide-eyed and told me a story I had to check out. The guys had been skateboarding in the correct area when a middle-aged woman drove up and wanted to use a skateboard. Ok that doesn't happend every day and she helped herself to some kids' board and took a spill on the concrete. Believe it or not, that is the good part of the story. Next she said she was hot, so she began taking off her shirt and headed for the building. As she approached the building, she disrobed even further. By the time she entered the craft fair, she was in her birthday suit. She then headed for the restrooms (the building is a community center used as a workout location as well) so she took a shower and then went back out in the the hallway. Holy moly. The young gal at the front desk was freaking out and rather than dail 911, tried to help out. Trenton finished this story much like the 12 Days of Christmas song... three policemen, two squad cars and a crazy lady loaded into an ambulance.

Guess you can figure out what we discussed on the way home from Independence? Sad statistics indicate many homeless people have one form or another of mental illness. Trenton, Melanie and Spencer even got to tell the tale to the police because the poor old beaten up car happened to be stolen as well. Heavens, there is a gal that could use a few extra prayers.

Well, I am going to close as tomorrow we have a visiting priest and we need to take treats to church. Bet when he sees me, he will know he has his work cut out for him.

Make tomorrow a special day and share some love!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day to my prince

Did you wear green today? We made it through the day without a pinch. Trenton even has green bands on his braces. Yes, I did say braces. Trenton had his braces installed yesterday and is missing his favorite foods. Poor chap is really sore and quiet.

Please indulge me while I reminisce a moment. Today was the 21st anniversary of my first date with Jeff. We certainly did have some great adventures in our years together. We painted the town, several colors, lived in a tiny slab house in town, moved to a tiny farm in rural Iowa, raised hogs, goats, cows, llamas, cats and still working on a couple of prize kiddos. We had our great triumphs and many scraped knees. We always seemed to be able to buy high and sell low. Something to be said for consistancy, right? Many, many years we both worked in town and then came home to more to get done. The American dream in the form of a couple of "in love" rookies at life.

Cancer brought our dreams to a dramatic end. There will be no retirement on the road in a rv with white hair and lots of laughs, no walking kids to graduation with a parent on each arm, no wishing your sons lots of love and happiness as they marry their bride. Jeff was so brave and undaunted in his fight for life that he left us all with so much more - faith. I can truly say the last year has been the worst year of my life with Jeff's illness as well as mine. You can't put in words the strife that overcomes one as you lie down at night and stare at the wall wondering how you came to this point, where do I go from here, and then the tears begin to stream down the cheeks. Life is unfair and even sucks at times, but then you see the glory of a sunset and decide tomorrow is well worth living.

Kind words and prayers from friends have kept us all going in this challenging year. Sometimes your calls and notes have been the light for that day. God has us under his wings and we have all grown through this adventure. Perhaps it is like the seasons: Spring seems more lovely after a difficult winter. I pray our Spring has arrived and days will start to come more easily for the three of us.

Today may well be your last and although moving to eternal peace is glorious for the departed, be sure to leave your sparkle for those carrying on. We get too caught up in the daily trivial matters often to remember our real mission. Love with all you have in you today and always.

With gratitude,
Becky, Dalton and Trenton

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ready for Spring

Long, rain-filled days have me yearning for the warmth of Spring. We are caught in some odd weather pattern right now and the rains just keep coming. Tonight, you can also add a gale force wind to make for a blustery, stay-in kind of evening. Yuck! The kids were going to walk down to the cemetary to see Jeff, but the wind quickly changed their minds.

A month ago the boys and I broke out the Aerogarden to grow tomatoes and jalenpenos. We were tired of the never-ending snow then and thought this would be something to keep us occupied. Holy smokes, we have little pea-sized tomatoes on our plants now! We are very excited and I tried to take a photo with limited success for you to enjoy as well. The plant is supposed to produce cherry sized fruit and the pepper plant is miniature in nature also. Here is my tribute to a quick arrival to Spring.

Make today special!