Monday, February 15, 2010


Occasionally you stop and realize the great things around you. We had another snow day last week (groan) and I marvel at the way the kids just kick up their heels for these special capsules of time. The neighborhood guys all came over to snowboard, snowmobile, sled and goof around burying each other in the "sand". Intermittently, breaking to come in and enjoy a monster bar with glass of milk to warm up and then back out to play. Our dog, Mia, just loves to be in the thick of it running and playing in the snow. Shasta, our little pooch, and I enjoyed the show from the warmth of the house with a nice warm cup of tea. We slid out a couple of times to catch some of the action with the camera. Notice how cold my funny little garden dude looks with the white background.
Way to make lemonade, men!!