Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Blog-erversary Dustin Pike!!

Good thing I took a quiet moment to check out the blogs today. Seems the uber talented Dustin Pike knows the birthday cards are always needing replenished in my supply and he is hosting a challenge to solve that delimma. Attached is a Dustin Pike image featuring a handsome bear taking a ride on a serious looking turtle. I used a handful of copic markers, paper from my scraps and (SU and MM) the sentiment is SugarPlum cut with Nesties. Pop on over to Dustin's Blog to see all the many cool things the team has put together.

Hope your Easter was blessed!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

As the snow flies

Even though my kids assure me we need considerably more snow, we sure have had a few memorable snows. When I noted the Blizzard Warning on Saturday the delta between kids and Mom grew markedly. I kept thinking maybe someone had spiked the weather guys coffee and the boys are planning the day with sledding, snowmobiling and the list goes on and on. As of 10:30am on Saturday we were having pouring rain in our 36 degree day. The scene was a little different after lunch. Snow came, wind came and wind won and the heat from earlier was a washed out memory. We woke to blowing snow (but it blew so hard it looks like we sure didn't get much) and bone-chilling temperatures.

Let the motor vehicles roar earl day as first the snowmobile came to life and the 4 wheeler was right in the tow. About 30 minutes after Trenton took off for his friends the first SOS called was taken. Dalton and Corey took off and located him quickly caught in a mess of cattails. The machine was dislodged and all were home after a bit. Chili was on the menu for dinner and it is rather quiet here at this moment. Here are a few photos to share of our snow adventures. School has been called for the kids tomorrow as the water main issues with all the cold.

Suggestion: Hot cocoa!!

Mama Tundra

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Check out the fab candy over at Stargroves' web blog. Yummy. Be certain to sign up to win.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Up a tree

Ever felt somedays like you are just up a tree without a rope? Well......I am just thinking that is exactly how this cat felt with two yipping dogs waiting for her decent. (Such a shame that the dogs didn't realize that that cat was just sitting there enjoying the show!) As far as the last week, I am not sure if I was more the cat taking in the show or the dogs waiting for the cat.

Last week, Dalton and Trenton were out working in the shed on the dirt bike. Seems something needed a little welding work, so Dalton took on the project. Please keep in mind these boys come from lineage on both sides of the family of accomplished welders. So around 10pm Dalton is sitting on the sofa and complaining about his left eye being sore. He shared he had been welding and I asked if he had his welding helmet on. Oh yes, we have a number of welding helmets. Well..... the next day as I am nearing work, my phone goes off in my purse. Ok, finding a cell phone in my purse could be an article in and of itself. Anyhow, Dalton shares that he has a burning sensation in his eyes and they don't want to open. As with any teenager, you need to fix this Mom and now is best. Once the doctor's office opened I called and the nurse said she wanted to chat with doc on the best plan. So we were directed to an eye specialist and headed out to an early afternoon appointment on probably the brighest sunny day ever. Soon a nurse calls us back to the exam room and proceeds to ask some questions. Quickly you could see that she and Dalton were oil and water. The crowning moment was when she asked what he was welding. Thank goodness he did not say wood loudly, so I intercepted. Good news. No permenant damage to his retinas, thank you Lord Jesus. Three bottles of drops and a prescription later we were heading home.

Saturday was a gorgeous day and the guys decided to try out the bikes with the new repairs. I was taking in a news show that must have his a lull only to be woken by Dalton. "Hey, Mom, where is the medical card thing you use to go to the doctor." Does Stephen King have this line in one of his novels and few statements can get your pulse racing faster. Like a rabbit, I hopped up to see what the deal included. Oh heavens, Trenton had been doing a stunt and had rolled the dirt bike. Of course a helmet was worn, but that sure didn't help his arms, hips, legs and hands. I loaded up "Mr Road Rash" into the family buggy and we were off to the urgent care. My position at work is a health aid, but we needed the big guns to check this out. We hit the place at a really good time and it took longer to check in than to see the doctor. Trenton did break his pinky finger but thankfully that was all. We do parent-to-son bonding during our lengthy unwrapping and re-wrapping sessions. His right arm and hip are rather skin-free at this time, but oh the young heal so quickly.

So if you see me at the supermarket shopping in the haircolor aisle, please do not give it a second thought. Just another day of looking up the tree.

Becky T

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Growing up so quickly

The most talented skateboarder in rural Alburnett turned 17 this past week. Dalton is growing up and will all too soon be out in the world. Here is the card I made for his birthday with a dragon just "tearing it up".

Images are from Dustin Pike and Verve. Paper, twine and brads are mainly SU and the argyle is from Basic Gray.

Best wishes for a terrific year to my handsome brown-eyed guy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Summer is so quickly slipping by and the schools will be gearing up in a couple of weeks for the return of the kids. The fellows are starting to grow bored and the school supplies are in house. The wet, warm weather has packs of mosquitos chasing us from here to there. Here are a few shots from this summer. One thing is for sure, they are growing up fast. Enjoy!



So many yummy things in her candy pile.