Sunday, December 12, 2010

As the snow flies

Even though my kids assure me we need considerably more snow, we sure have had a few memorable snows. When I noted the Blizzard Warning on Saturday the delta between kids and Mom grew markedly. I kept thinking maybe someone had spiked the weather guys coffee and the boys are planning the day with sledding, snowmobiling and the list goes on and on. As of 10:30am on Saturday we were having pouring rain in our 36 degree day. The scene was a little different after lunch. Snow came, wind came and wind won and the heat from earlier was a washed out memory. We woke to blowing snow (but it blew so hard it looks like we sure didn't get much) and bone-chilling temperatures.

Let the motor vehicles roar earl day as first the snowmobile came to life and the 4 wheeler was right in the tow. About 30 minutes after Trenton took off for his friends the first SOS called was taken. Dalton and Corey took off and located him quickly caught in a mess of cattails. The machine was dislodged and all were home after a bit. Chili was on the menu for dinner and it is rather quiet here at this moment. Here are a few photos to share of our snow adventures. School has been called for the kids tomorrow as the water main issues with all the cold.

Suggestion: Hot cocoa!!

Mama Tundra

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  1. Great post Becky! We went by your place Friday on our way to Lafayette to put winter decoration out. Good thing we did it then!