Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Recovering from a light episode of the flu reminds me that it is important to take a moment to enjoy the little things. Today during a photo dump from my camera to my computer, I came upon inspiration of smiling as only from the cheeks of a child... Enjoy a moment with my adorable nephew, Steven, and his smile of smiles.

Make today something special!


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yestereday found me coming up the stairs after a nice workout, when I heard the telling sound of a beeping cell phone. Trenton had tossed his cookies at school and needed a ride. Since I couldn't think of anyone else to pick him and his vomit-breath up, I headed to school. Julie, school principal, and I visited for a moment and she is going to check to see if someone may like some volunteering done during the week to help pass some time. She also had teased Trenton about coming home with us as she was feeling a bit under the weather herself. Trenton cuddled into the couch once we were home and turned on some mind-numbing tv to enjoy. My friend, Kris, called and was going to pick me up around 6:00pm. We headed out in the cold, wind-chilled night to see our friend in Alburnett. Zoey's pizza was on the menu, so we all ate well and enjoyed a great night of conversation. Trenton was impatiently awaiting my arrival around 8:30pm and we would down watching the Winter X Games. He conked out early but I had to see if the kid with the snowmobile could land his stunt and so he did.

Friends are like angels on dry ground. They keep you going and pick you up when it is needed.

Make today something special!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fixing cabin fever

With three days of sub-zero temperatures under our belts, we decided we better get away or trouble was brewing. Off we headed to my brother, Jake, and his lovely wife, Kristine's, digs for a bite to eat. The food was terrific and I confess to eating and eating and then just having a bit more. We all enjoyed hearing the stories from the kids and my niece's even made a mini-movie about the live of Mackenzie. Not sure when the 'go live' date is on the release of that future hit, but I will sure to add a line as that happens. My nephew, Kaden, received a dinosaur from Santa and it was having a fun time picking on their cat as you can see in the photo. It was a scream to watch the cat try to figure out the toy!! As all good things do, time passed and we headed for home. Jake is a salesman for Garst Seeds and must have some strong pull with Mother Nature. This information has been shared because if you ever visit be certain you have good tires and preferrably four-wheel drive because the drive home always seems to involve blowing snow and high drifts on the road. 2009 has been no exception to this trend.... Guess that is why his farmer's boast such high yeilds....all that moisture and well rested soil.

Sunday was the outing at Sundown Ski Mountain in Dubuque, Iowa. Dalton, Trenton and Dustin, handsome nephew, were wisked away by John in the early trolley while I enjoyed catching up on a few tasks before Megan (Dalton's sweetie) and I departed. As only I can do, I turned somewhere wrong and we enjoyed the scenic country-side near Dubuque for sometime before we finally found that location! Jake, Kaden and Paige did a bit of down hill action and enjoyed the lovely day complete with snowflakes you would see in a Normal Rockwell painting. As 4pm rolled around we put away the magazines and headed out of the lodge to get the crew. In true fashion, taking Dustin to Oelwein was a white-knuckle drive with blowing snow, slick roads and a few drifts. When we arrived in Alburnett around 8pm that night, school was already delayed for Monday. Good thing to have extra sleep after all that excitement.

Today the weather was sunny for a bit and the temperature felt warm with no snow and little wind. Tomorrow is supposed to break 30 degrees! Woo hoo!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Polar Brrrrr

Honestly could it get any colder and snowier? Thank goodness our school leadership finally had enough talent to call school off before 8am today! The boys have been home many days now with this dreaded cold and snowy weather. I let the dogs out this morning and the thermometer on the garage read 30 below for the temperture. Yesterday, I decided I needed a photo of my thermometer for posterity. Not brave enough to add in the windchill. Let me tell you they were quick about their business today! Dalton managed to get the skidloader out yesterday and moved the snow mountains to locations that would let us actually leave should we venture out. I am super grateful for a working furnace and a warm house during these times! We have enjoyed several mugs of hot chai tea and cocoa to stave off the chill.

The guys have been practicing their gaming skills and have honed up a bit on arguing. I am working on finishing up my holiday and some belated birthday cards. Cleaning a dab here and there and yesterday we got in a good workout! Like everything this will pass and we will all have some great stories about January 2009. Tomorrow we meet up at my brother, Jake's, place to take in some good eats and time together. Sunday we plan a snowboard adventure at Sundown in Dubuque.

Make today something special!!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Wonderville

Saturday morning we woke to a deep blanket of snow and the dogs were rather unhappy as they stepped outside for their morning biobreak. I was a bit surprised as the last weather forecast mentioned an inch or two and it measured more like eight inches or so. Soon I noticed a fellow in camoflage heading up the driveway on foot. Oops...guess I should have equated deep snow to an impassable driveway. No worries, Trenton headed out and the guys cleaned out the driveway so we were still able to host an airsoft war in our woods by the treehouse. New to airsoft wars? No need to call Pres. Bush (he's cleaning his stuff out of the White House now anyway). Basically just several guys (and none under the age of ten) shooting automatic pea shooters via great strategy and prowess. Bet they all slept like babies that night with all that excitement and exercise! Notice the photo...

Sunday we had a visit from my Sister, Deb, and her family. Sammi (adorable 4-year-old niece) and I did a bit of reading, Matthew made a card and the rest of us watched Steven in his hilarious two-year old antics. Shasta was not sad when he left and no one was chasing her any longer. Deb and I are working on some flower arrangements for some of her upcoming craft fairs and she brought me a stash of flowers. Trenton and I left just after the Dietrich's headed down the road to our grief group meeting. We meet once a month with other families of teen boys that have recently lost their Fathers. The fellows went bowling and took in a game of lazer tag this meeting. The Mother's enjoyed some Panera Bread delights. Trenton asked me on the way home what we did and was amazed that we just sat and visited "for that long?". Guess I still have some parenting work to do! I ordered a couple of books from Amazon today on teenage boys and some ideas.

As I write, we are in the midst of a blizzard warning and the wind is really whipping the new fallen snow around. The guys are already all concerned if school will be delayed tomorrow. The perils of winter in Iowa!!

Enjoy a dose of peace!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Let's give it a whirl!

Many friends have a nice blog to stay in touch and so I have decided to take the plung! 2009 is here and the boys have survived their first week back to school. After a fun-filled Christmas break, it was a big change to get back into the routine of school. Much of my time was spent putting away the holiday items and getting the house back in order this week. Tomorrow we are having friends over for a airsoft shoot-off and luncheon. Trenton has a friend over tonight and they spent a time outside sliding on our new fallen snow. We are all enjoying a nice mug of cocoa now unwinding for bed. Enjoying the blessing of the sound of kids chuckling!

Thanks for stopping by!