Friday, January 16, 2009

Polar Brrrrr

Honestly could it get any colder and snowier? Thank goodness our school leadership finally had enough talent to call school off before 8am today! The boys have been home many days now with this dreaded cold and snowy weather. I let the dogs out this morning and the thermometer on the garage read 30 below for the temperture. Yesterday, I decided I needed a photo of my thermometer for posterity. Not brave enough to add in the windchill. Let me tell you they were quick about their business today! Dalton managed to get the skidloader out yesterday and moved the snow mountains to locations that would let us actually leave should we venture out. I am super grateful for a working furnace and a warm house during these times! We have enjoyed several mugs of hot chai tea and cocoa to stave off the chill.

The guys have been practicing their gaming skills and have honed up a bit on arguing. I am working on finishing up my holiday and some belated birthday cards. Cleaning a dab here and there and yesterday we got in a good workout! Like everything this will pass and we will all have some great stories about January 2009. Tomorrow we meet up at my brother, Jake's, place to take in some good eats and time together. Sunday we plan a snowboard adventure at Sundown in Dubuque.

Make today something special!!



  1. I agree-- It's DAMN cold!! :) Our house was 50 degrees when we woke up this morning(intake was backed up with snow!) Ughh... so all fixed, back to 70 inside, but I'm still freezin! SUPER CUTE winter bear--- aren't those stamps just the cutest!??

  2. Hi Becky -

    It was 22 at our house this morning but it is warming up in Western WA. Love your card-too cute.

  3. ADORABLE Card! Thank you for stopping by my blog! God Bless You!