Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yestereday found me coming up the stairs after a nice workout, when I heard the telling sound of a beeping cell phone. Trenton had tossed his cookies at school and needed a ride. Since I couldn't think of anyone else to pick him and his vomit-breath up, I headed to school. Julie, school principal, and I visited for a moment and she is going to check to see if someone may like some volunteering done during the week to help pass some time. She also had teased Trenton about coming home with us as she was feeling a bit under the weather herself. Trenton cuddled into the couch once we were home and turned on some mind-numbing tv to enjoy. My friend, Kris, called and was going to pick me up around 6:00pm. We headed out in the cold, wind-chilled night to see our friend in Alburnett. Zoey's pizza was on the menu, so we all ate well and enjoyed a great night of conversation. Trenton was impatiently awaiting my arrival around 8:30pm and we would down watching the Winter X Games. He conked out early but I had to see if the kid with the snowmobile could land his stunt and so he did.

Friends are like angels on dry ground. They keep you going and pick you up when it is needed.

Make today something special!

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