Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Wonderville

Saturday morning we woke to a deep blanket of snow and the dogs were rather unhappy as they stepped outside for their morning biobreak. I was a bit surprised as the last weather forecast mentioned an inch or two and it measured more like eight inches or so. Soon I noticed a fellow in camoflage heading up the driveway on foot. Oops...guess I should have equated deep snow to an impassable driveway. No worries, Trenton headed out and the guys cleaned out the driveway so we were still able to host an airsoft war in our woods by the treehouse. New to airsoft wars? No need to call Pres. Bush (he's cleaning his stuff out of the White House now anyway). Basically just several guys (and none under the age of ten) shooting automatic pea shooters via great strategy and prowess. Bet they all slept like babies that night with all that excitement and exercise! Notice the photo...

Sunday we had a visit from my Sister, Deb, and her family. Sammi (adorable 4-year-old niece) and I did a bit of reading, Matthew made a card and the rest of us watched Steven in his hilarious two-year old antics. Shasta was not sad when he left and no one was chasing her any longer. Deb and I are working on some flower arrangements for some of her upcoming craft fairs and she brought me a stash of flowers. Trenton and I left just after the Dietrich's headed down the road to our grief group meeting. We meet once a month with other families of teen boys that have recently lost their Fathers. The fellows went bowling and took in a game of lazer tag this meeting. The Mother's enjoyed some Panera Bread delights. Trenton asked me on the way home what we did and was amazed that we just sat and visited "for that long?". Guess I still have some parenting work to do! I ordered a couple of books from Amazon today on teenage boys and some ideas.

As I write, we are in the midst of a blizzard warning and the wind is really whipping the new fallen snow around. The guys are already all concerned if school will be delayed tomorrow. The perils of winter in Iowa!!

Enjoy a dose of peace!

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