Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ready for Spring

Long, rain-filled days have me yearning for the warmth of Spring. We are caught in some odd weather pattern right now and the rains just keep coming. Tonight, you can also add a gale force wind to make for a blustery, stay-in kind of evening. Yuck! The kids were going to walk down to the cemetary to see Jeff, but the wind quickly changed their minds.

A month ago the boys and I broke out the Aerogarden to grow tomatoes and jalenpenos. We were tired of the never-ending snow then and thought this would be something to keep us occupied. Holy smokes, we have little pea-sized tomatoes on our plants now! We are very excited and I tried to take a photo with limited success for you to enjoy as well. The plant is supposed to produce cherry sized fruit and the pepper plant is miniature in nature also. Here is my tribute to a quick arrival to Spring.

Make today special!


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