Saturday, February 7, 2009


Great news! We had a great time at Chestnut Mountain in Galena checking out the slopes with the snowboards and none of the guys got hurt! (I always wince when I read the warnings with the snowboard rentals... Whew) I have been told that Nick ( borrowed son from another Mother) is really getting the hang of the sport and this is only his second outing. Trenton and Dalton were telling me some of the cool tricks from their adventures. I can admit to having enjoyed window shopping at the lovely shops in Galena. I did a thorough walk through at the scrapbooking store and found a few "needed" items, but otherwise just chatted with the store keepers or other visitors. One particular shop was well organized and I told the gal behind the register that I would pester her mercilessly if I were a local for a job. She was flattered and we had a great conversation following.

The guys were starving after coming off the slopes so we stopped at the on-site dinner and enjoyed the local fare. I think I will need to tell my Father to grow another cow from the size of the mammouth burgers they all consumer. Monster sized! As we walked towards the car we noticed a nearly full moon that was sitting in a clear blue sky. The guys all napped on the ride home and the fabulous warm weather had melted some of our ample snowfall. We can even see our driveway for the first time in months! The sun was so warm and beautiful today that you would just like to bottle it up for later in the week when ol' man winter makes his return. Ahh, the joy of a February thaw!

Make today something special.... we did!

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