Friday, February 20, 2009

Tax man a cometh

How does the old adage go? Two things that you can be sure of death and taxes. Well I am working on getting our 2008 taxes in order and I think I would rather be drug behind my truck, so does that count as dying? Yuck! Being more of a socially inclined person, sitting for long amounts of time trying to figure out what happened last May other than taking care of Jeff, is a bit of a reach. I have the one checkbook figured out for the most part and nearly half done with the other with a next Saturday appointment with the man. Sadly, I have about four inches of paperwork to then start in on to see how taxes work on areas new to me like social security, disability and the list goes on from there. One area that I can check off of my job hunt would be playing with numbers all day long. Go Donald Trump!

So as I go back into my little tax huddle, I wish all of you happiness and good health for the next week! It would be nice if this little snow storm would miss us in the next day as well! Stay warm!

Make today something special! Perhaps Obama will just end doing taxes with our current fiscal nightmare???


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