Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pitter Pat

What could be more wonderful that the holiday season? Fresh warm cookies, smiles from family and friends and little ones diligently trying to be good enough for the big guy in red to make a stop. We are all on the school schedule, so add lazy mornings to the mix and it is pretty good. We gathered with the Baldwin side of the family on Sunday and as usual bucked a bit of snow getting to Jake and Kristine's digs. We all had a great meal and fun with the gift exchange and soon it was time to head down the road. Today we congregated at Kris and Rick's house to enjoy time with the family. Kris generally has a set deal about how presents are opened and wouldn't the newlyweds want to get a present opened right away. Well! Come to find out their was a stuffed animal and couple of bibs announcing the are expecting a baby next summer. Kris was elated as daughter, Jessica, and hubby Matt are also expecting next summer. Guess we better plan on a few more cuties to adore next year. Very hard to focus on presents after that bit of glorious news. As with all good things, we wrapped up with a bite to eat to get on the road before the ice hits. Yes, we are having quite a weather event this week. We have had sleet, ice, snow and right now are in the midst of a flood watch and the rain is really coming down. Overnight we are supposed to have the rain turn to freezing rain and heavy snow and all should wrap up on Sunday. Nothing has been ordinary with the weather this year, so this fits right in nicely. Tomorrow the boys and I are going to cook up a turkey and enjoy each other's company from the safe sanctuary of our own digs.

If we could share one wish with you, it would be for peace. Not only for the holidays, but for each day going forward. So much has come our way in the last few years and peace is the thing I desire most. God bless each of you and thank you for being a part of our lives.

Merry Christmas!


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