Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer is heating up

Like many families, summer usually involves a fun get together or two. We did our annual 4th of July party on the 5th this year and we had a great day for everyone. Of course, lots of good food is a given with Peg in the kitchen, but the male force took to lighting up the evening sky with a few booms and a nice light show.

Dad is getting ready to put up the garage, so we had some really cool ravines and dirt piles. Big hit with the younger crowd. Check out the scary faces of the diggers. Yep, glad I have older kids and didn't have to encourage a bath of those proportions. Haley and I had a little fun before the party marking the way to the party and the potty. To the best of my knowledge, we did not have any falls into the holes.

The kids took turns riding on the 4-wheeler and the "most held" award was clearly taken by Stevie. Boy can that little fellow work the ladies. I bet he didn't walk a step unless he was playing tease. What a ham! The adults had a nice opportunity to chat and catch up on all the happenings.

All too soon, the fireworks faded, the parents rounded up the kids and we all headed to our abodes.
Freedom is wonderful! Thank you to the many men and women that provided us that freedom!

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