Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer antics

Summer is the golden time for kids. School is out and the guys enjoy sleeping in most days. They are hanging out with their friends and keeping Mom running with many errands. The warm days with ample humidity seem to run on with the sun putting it's pajamas too early most days. This week is a special treat with our niece staying while her Mother recovers from surgery. The boys and I are discovering that four-year-old little ladies are pretty busy. You can see them all bouncing around on the trampoline on a recent evening. Mia, the pooch, loves to be included in all play activities.

My parents know the strife of being unemployed and filling one's days, so they showed up with a couple of new kids to spoil a week back. Introducing Sampson and Delihla our little goat kids. We make milk for the kids at least three times a day and feed them with bottles. They love to romp and play and Sammi like to carry them around in her adventures. They are about three weeks old and are the milk goat variety. Surprisingly enough, the boys approve of the little kids and Jimmy, the llama, is looking forward to having company again soon.

Wednesday the baler arrived and finished up the first cutting of hay. We had a storm move through this morning that blew the oats around quite a bit. Hope they pop back up in time to be combined in a few weeks. The garden looks much better with the warmer weather. We are enjoying a few strawberries and some lettuce. More yummies soon.
What could be better? Fresh air, fresh berries, hugs from a cutie pie, handsome kids growing up all around. Summer is grand!

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  1. Oh my goodness-- aren't they cuties!! How fun is that!! Well--- I'm going to "do it" tomorrow--- EEEKKKK!! I hope I'm making the right call-- -I can't think looking back I will regret one moment that I get to spend home with my kiddos, so I'm excited and freaked out--- all at the same time! Thanks for the prayers and yes, lunch is an option in the next two days! I'll email tomorrow morning to let you know whether tomorrow or Thursday will work better (depending on calls!) I'll let you know early--- if you can't no big deal though!