Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Been walking?

As I was driving home today from spending some time in town, I thought it would be a good day for a walk. Sun is out and the wind is under gale-force strength for a change. Parked the buggy and then fed the cats and headed over to feed the llama. Of course, all this transpired while I was chatting on the cell phone. Jimmy, the llama, was in his little pen to keep him out of the nasty winter weather we had over the weekend. Time to walk him over to his pasture and let him stretch his legs. Jimmy will usually follow his full feed scoop of yummy food anywhere, but today the few bright green sprigs of grass distracted him. He walked around and checked out the hoop buildings and then headed back towards his small shed. He made a pit stop at the flower area with the rocks around it to munch the weeds there. As I walked up behind him, he headed down the driveway. I figured this would be no big deal as we have used him as a "lawn-mower" on several occassions.

Oh my, was I ever way off..... Mr. Jimmy spotted the street and headed out like a full bread race-horse. Crap! So I cut through the hay field and saw his old black hiney heading for the horse farm at the top of the hill. Guessing he has made this journey before because he took a hard right at the driveway and proceeded to rile up six different pens of full grown horses. Here is me slowly walking up the hill wishing I had on walking shoes and something to catch him with. So when I arrived at the neighbors, Jimmy, had put himself in an six foot wide alley way between four pens of horses. Ha! So much for Jimmy having superior intelligence. David, our neighbor, parked his truck at one end and I went to corral my naughty 20-year old llama. I caught him on the third try and headed back for the farm. We had to be quite a site walking down the road...chick with bright blue scoop and her llama on a leash. Yep, got quite of few waves and grins.

My guardian angels must have been preparing me all day as I had a jacket and that is not my usual style. I planned to go for a walk and in a very odd style, definitely got my 30 minutes in and then some. So have you been out for your walk today??


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  1. Great post! Animals add so much fun, interest, and drama to our lives. I've heard of the dog running away, but never the pet llama. Thanks for sharing!