Monday, April 27, 2009

And it hit...

Yesterday afternoon found the boys both enjoying a little time with their "Megan" of choice. (Yes - both have a sweetie named Megan.) Dad and Dustin Z brought down the semi to load out some scrap and some fencing items. We had sat down to enjoy some cherry cheese cake and I mentioned the weather sure seemed to be mixing up something. Warm, moist wind whipped at our beings the entire time we were outside. Around 4:30pm Megan 1 came in and said she had seen a funnel cloud coming our way. Trenton turned the to the news and nothing was on regarding any danger. So we all went out and sure enough we could see a funnel shaped cloud near the neighbor's heading for Central City. As I looked toward the house, I noticed the siding had taken a beating and some was dragging off the East side of the house. Soon we noticed that the top of the West-most hoop was missing. We went down to check it out and it had been ripped off and was laying in the ditch. The back end of the newly fixed hoop was pushed out and the wood was lying on the fence posts. Sure enough, we had really suffered from the wind and had been outside during the most excitement Alburnett has experienced since the tornado of 2000.
Boy was I disappointed. We lost a roof to the other hoop building last summer just after Jeff passed away and have been working to tidy up the place. I feel let down and like I am behind the eight ball so I decided to walk to the cemetary. Well as they say, God works in mysterious ways. As Shasta (my yorkie pooch) and I made it around the corner you could see the fire trucks and many helpers taking care of our neighbor's. The three houses right around the corner had taken quite a hit. Attitude adjusted quickly.
Today is the quiet after the storm. Dalton temporarily tacked the siding back up last night since another storm was on the way. We did get some much needed rain and we can now see the oats popping up in the field. The Insurance company has been notified so we will just wait.
Thank you for the many calls and emails. We are fine and better for the wear.


  1. Becky! I was so worried about you guys and said, "there's no way they'd get hit again". I was talking to my Mom-in law that used to live right there in Lafayette and she said she never experienced any bad weather out there. I told her she must really be crazy! Glad to hear you all are okay. Miss you!


  2. oh wow--- i was watching the news to see if if you guys were impacted, but they gave the names of the people hit by it, so I was glad not to hear THOMAS!! :) Glad you're doing okay-- we had some siding blown off just from winds, so I'm glad it wasn't anything worse!

  3. Sorry to hear of what damage you had, but glad to know your family and home are okay. Hang in there...