Monday, October 5, 2009

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Hello Blogosphere Friends!

Pardon me for being remiss about writing much recently. Life has been chugging along and I have finally kicked some kind of a bronchial cold that I have had since the beginning of September. (Only three trips to the doctor and four prescriptions later or my thoughts are it finally ran its course.) Only now it would appear that both of the kiddos are coming down with some nasty headcold. Ah, fall in Iowa.

School seems to be speeding by and the boys finish out their first quarter of classes in a couple of weeks. Trenton is doing much better than expected in Jr. High and just loves his new Special Ed teacher. She is just what we needed to keep him going. Thank you, Beth. Dalton is my tougher case as school is of no interest to him and his grades are poor. I keep holding out that the light will come on soon and he will just soar. Prayers welcome.

Autumn has brought a few other changes. I started back to work in August for Center Point High School. (This is NOT where my kiddos go to school. Easier on everyone that way.) My assignment includes assisting the Curriculum Director, Nurse and High School Counselor. It is wonderful to have a job again and this is very different than anything I have ever done. All three of my bosses are very interesting and have been patient in helping me learn their areas. I do hope that the congress comes up with something for medical insurance as this job does not have benefits.

Life moves on and Jeff would have been 46 this upcoming Saturday. We miss him as much as ever and know he is watching us from his comfy chair. Happy Birthday buddy!

Hope you are all having a nice Fall season.


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  1. Happy to hear you have found something! It sounds nice and challenging. :) Was so good to see you at our wedding. Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat. Thank you for coming! (Official thank you card is in the mail finally LOL!)