Monday, May 25, 2009

Cutest graduate

Last Friday was a very exciting graduation day for the preschool class at Little Huskies. In attendance was a lovely little girl with flowing curls and big blue eyes named Samatha (Sammi to her buddies). Much to my surprise, the entire class of 60 students were all doned in cap and gown. (The caps were a source of entertainment for many.) The young group walked into the theatre from the back or some walked and several sprinted. The kids were elegant when they accepted their diplomas and made is across the stage. Soon after the songs started and the kids cut loose with funny tunes and darling dances. After a cookie, we grabbed up the graduates and escaped into the warm sunshine of the afternoon.

Sammi was really excited because she was coming home to stay with her Aunt Becky and she did not want me to get out of her view in case I might escape without her. We left in good time to hit a barbeque at Kris' and Sammi was in heaven with a big playground and lots of kiddos her age. After about three hours of serious playground activity, I loaded the little doll up and took her home. She does love a bubblebath and played for a good while. We washed all the play out of those locks and called it a day. She did awake around 7:30am on Saturday morning and was thrilled we had a birthday party in the afternoon. We had a few errands and then hit the party. She loves her new found friend, Addy, and they had fun playing again. She was excited when we got home because she thought her Mom was here to play. She was crushed when she found out that Mom was going to take her home. Big crocodile tears spilled down her cheeks, but I assured her that we would do a sleepover again soon.
Sweet Sammi our new graduate posing in a flower bed with a kitten named Buttercup.

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  1. I'll be thinkin' of you and the boys today Becky... hope we get to do some fun gal shopping on Thursday.